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Candidates should be native English speakers with a university degree, a recognized TEFL qualification and at least one year of previous experience in a similar context, preferably in Spain. Experience in teaching children and adolescents is essential. We are looking for someone who truly enjoys teaching these age groups. Higher qualifications and experience with Cambridge exams is a plus. All applicants must be EU citizens or hold a valid Spanish work permit.

A typical post involves teaching mainly children and adolescents in groups of 10 to 15 students as well as both one-to-one and adult group classes. Most teachers teach 20 to 25 hours/ week approximately. A competitive salary is paid according to experience and qualifications. All teachers are required to assist training sessions and monthly meetings. Student reports must be carefully completed 3 times a year.

Teachers receive approximately two weeks holiday at Christmas, 1 week at Easter and 2 to 3 days during the local fair. We also observe all official local, regional and national holidays. Teachers are provided with a full legal contract and general health coverage according to Spanish law

  • Teachers are expected to have well-prepared, organized classes. We encourage teachers to prepare classes at the school so that they can take advantage of the materials we have, consult with other teachers, prepare photocopies, etc. We expect teachers to present a clean, tidy appearance and maintain a friendly yet professional attitude. They are the most direct contact the students have with the school and therefore the image they project is very important for the success of the school.

    • The English Centre is a school that truly cares about its students and teachers. We work in a team that relies on sharing ideas, communication and conveying a positive attitude towards students and other members of staff. Our management is friendly and approachable and open to sharing ideas and new projects.

      The English Centre has three main academic goals:

      1.-To foster a positive attitude towards English

      2.-To help our students achieve communicative competence.

      3.-To help our students achieve communicative competence.To help our students do well at school and in other academic situations.

      If you meet these requirements, please forward your CV and a recent photograph to: info@inglesenhuercalovera.com

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